Become a Partner - RakshakCode

Getting started as a Partner

We recommend these steps to familiarize yourself with all the tools and resources available to you as a partner.

1. Sign up

Your first step is to sign up for your Personal Area, but you will have to decide whether to sign up as a partner or sign up as an affiliate.

For an in-depth look at these two partnership types, follow this link.

As a partner:

Signing up as a partner allows you to receive a percentage of Rakshak Code ‘ revenue based on the Sale volume of every active User you refer or onboard.

As an affiliate:

Signing up as an affiliate allows you to drive traffic to the Rakshak code sales area and receive a commission for every user that becomes an active client.

Note:1) if you already have an Rakshakcode account, you only need to sign in with your Rakshak code credentials.

2. Become a Partner

1)Contact the sales team [email protected] to summit the Registration Fee to the company account by cheque (Registration fee of 1 Rs + 18% tax ) and 5000 Rs Security Fee (security fee against the company provide the rakshak code and promotional digital creatives .

2) Promotional Activity product paid by vendor /dealer.

3. Explore your Personal Area

Once you’ve logged into your Personal Area, why not explore its features; follow the link to explore the Partner Personal Area. We recommend getting familiar with the various reports available under the Reports option in your Personal Area, as they will help you track your clients, profit, rewards and more.

4. Share your Partner Link

Now all you need to do is attract referrals to use your partner link. We have an in-depth look at how your partner link works, so click the link to find out more. Alternatively, learning some tips on sharing your partner link could prove a helpful next step too.

An example of a partner link.

Note: Editing your partner link to add your Rakshak code account number is prohibited and may lead to the client not being registered under your partnership. If you would like to customize your partner link, refer to the detailed article here.

5. Profit!

Lastly, when you’re ready to claim your rewards the process goes as follows:

Log in to your Personal Area > click the Withdraw button found within Balance (shown below) > following the prompts shown will allow you to either withdraw or transfer your profit.

The withdraw button.


And that’s all there is to it!

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