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Rakshakcode App

SMS Alerts

Rakshak Code allows you to send sms alerts to someone, whom you want to help regarding parking, towaway, emergency etc. This waythe receiver gets alert offline as well.

PUC Reminder

Rakshak Code helps you to remember your important dates, Rakshak Code doesn't want you to contribute to the air pollution, at least not from your vehicle.

Insurance Reminder

Rakshak Code helps you to remember your important dates, Rakshak Code doesn't want you to contribute to the air pollution, at least not from your vehicle.

QR Code Sticker

Rakshak Code qr stickers are easily scannable. One can scan these qr codes from a mobile camera and our unique solution will allow users to contact vehicle owners.

Secure notification

Rakshak Code respects your privacy and does not allow your personal details to be shared with the others, if anyone wants to help you, can help you anonymously.

Emergency Alert:

Rakshak Code knows that each and every life is important. You can save a life just by helping an accident victim by calling their emergency contacts and ambulance in golden hour.

Document Locker

Rakshak Code offers you a digital locker where you can save all your vehicle related documents like your Driving Licence, PUCC, Insurance documents and Registration certificate of your vehicle.

Waterproof QR Sticker

Rakshak Code qr stickers are coated with hydrophobic coating, which does not allow water or any type of liquid to stay on its surface. Which makes it more durable for all weather conditions.

This app is available for your smart phone.

You Can download from Google play store & Apple Store.

Rakshak Code

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This app is working by some steps!


Download it

You can download the app from Google play store or from Apple store.


Make a profile

Create a profile on the app and fill all the necessary details.


Get your QR

You can order your QR code from an app or from a website.


Activate your QR

Activate your QR code by adding basic details of yours.


Stick N shine

Stick the QR code on your vehicle and shine like an armour.

Learn about features from FAQ!

The frequently asked questions below are most commonly posted questions regarding Rakshak Code Application. If your query is not covered below in the forum then connect with us and our team will try to answer your questions.

Rakshak Code is a parking, accident, and roadside assistance solution to all your vehicle issues as it bridges the communication gap with the owner of the vehicle.
Rakshak QR Code on your vehicle helps people to connect with the user whenever required. The user parks their vehicle at any spot which might be a reason or issue for someone. With the help of Rakshak QR Code, the person can easily contact them so that they can take necessary action. This process of communication allows the user to make decisions on time, maintain privacy, and doesn’t damage the vehicle thus, saves money and time.
The application keeps updating the user through in-app alerts, calls and SMS in case if the user is offline, keeps you updated with the vehicle solutions they bring.
The user can enjoy Rakshak Code updates even if they are offline.
Rakshak Code helps to connect the vehicle owner for multiple reasons via in-app alerts, SMS and even calls. The application does not disclose the user’s identity or contact details while connecting with another person.
Yes, the user will be notified by anyone if the vehicle is being towed away.
You can download the app from Google Play Store or from Apple Store. And follow the instructions to register your vehicle.

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